Patient Portal, Virtual Visit, Living Matrix, and Dispensary Access

From this page, you are able to access the patient portal, Living Matrix, virtual visit, and dispensary interfaces.  Scroll down for details.

Patient Portal

Use the button below to access the Patient Portal.  This is where you can perform the following:

-Sign forms for the medical practice

-Request appointments

-Message your doctor

-Keep a running list of your medications and supplements

-Review your lab results

Virtual Visit

Use the button below to access our virtual office and speak to your doctor.

All visits need to be scheduled in advance of using this feature.  You can request a virtual visit through the patient portal.

When it is near your appointment time, simply click the button listed below to launch into the virtual visit. When you click the button, you will be redirected to our 3rd-party telemedicine provider, Doxy Me, for a secure video visit.  The program will ask for your name and then you will be placed into the virtual waiting room.

The virtual visit program will work on all modern browsers on both computers, tablets, and smartphones. No download is needed.

The Living Matrix

Use the button below to access The Living Matrix.  This is where you can perform the following:

-Fill out questionnaires and forms

-Maintain and track a running list of medications and supplements

– Track Your Overall Progress

-View your health plans recommended by the Welliom Team


We partner with dispensaries and individual nutraceutical companies to offer only the highest quality products that have the best reputations.

You will receive instruction from your doctor regarding which dispensary and/or company to purchase recommended nutraceuticals.  The links listed below are provided for quick access to the most common companies with which we have a partnership.