Health Coach: How a functional medicine health coach can help you toward achieving your health goals

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Nashville TN Integrative Health: How a Functional Medicine Health Coach Can Help You Toward Achieving Your Health Goals

A premise of Functional Medicine is to find the root causes of a health condition in order to address the problem and help the patient optimize long-term wellness. Within this construct, the patient is major player in the journey toward better health. It’s absolutely true that the foods you eat and the lifestyle choices you make are fundamental drivers of one’s health.

But what about the “How” and the “Why” and even the “Who” piece of this puzzle. How will you make these changes to your diet and lifestyle? Why is all this even important? And who is there to support you? Well, that is where a health coach comes in.
Health coaches work with you to help connect with your deep motivation to get well and implement the plan. Then we support you in figuring out how to make it happen in your life without adding too much stress. Health coaches work with you to help you find the root causes to what’s blocking you from following through with certain aspects, or all of the plan. We assist you with finding the resources you need in order to succeed as well and provide some additional education as to why you are being asked to follow a specific food plan or lifestyle plan as well as providing resources you can use to follow through.

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