Longer Doctor Appointments

Your wellness concerns deserve time and attention. Your Welliom physician provides longer appointment times, in order to focus on the root cause of your health problems. Our initial, new-patient visit lasts up to 120 minutes and our follow-up visits last up to 45-60 minutes.

Advanced Lab Testing

We utilize advanced, speciality lab facilities to check patients’ vital information. We combine (1) sophisticated, specialized lab testing with (2) a holistic (wellness, nutrition, medicine) approach to evaluate your health condition. We are among a few practices using such dual method to check the status of a person’s health.

Technology Friendly

Thanks to Welliom’s secure and advanced online tools, checking your health goal and progress has never been easier. We make it easy to schedule follow-up visits, both in-person and through video-enabled devices for your convenience. Our secure patient portal allows you to review your lab results and track your progress.

Health Tips

Welliom is unique

Welliom aims to provide accessible and affordable functional and integrative medical services.

By becoming a new patient, you become part of a growing and vibrant community of people who want to enter a joyful frontier of modern functional and integrative medicine.

When you sign up:

  • Your doctor will take the time to know your personal story.
  • We use specialty tests that regular doctors don’t use.
  • We will recommend certain plans for better eating, helping you improve your focus on food.
  • You will have access to your physician through our secure patient portal.
  • We offer events to foster an enriching environment and a sense of community.


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By submitting your details, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


“It was a breath of fresh air to visit with a doctor who’s interested in getting to the root of my health problems.”

L. Robinson

“The guidance through healthy diet and the appropriate use of supplements helped eliminate the confusion to improve my health.”

T. Davis

“Having a virtual follow-up visit with my physician made things simple and convenient.”

B. Phillips